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PostPosted: 26 May 2009 18:21 
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Here's a guide to use the kritzkrieg as a soldier.
Written while I was bored and a little bit drunk at the hotel room.
Please comment and come with suggestions. Especially medics! We need to know what you angels that keep us alive think!

Communication! !
Communication is important when using the kk. Both you and the medic should have a mic and learn to use it! This is very important! No point in a early charge when there's no enemy players around.

Protect your medic!
As you know the kritzkrieg doesn't make the medics or you invulnerable so you must be on your guard for pyros or scouts running past you to kill your medic.
Pay attention to the box in the middle of your screen showing the medics HP.
If the health drops to red fall back and save your medic no matter how many seconds of the uber is left.

Don't be too aggressive!
Being to aggressive will only kill both you and your medic.
Before each uber take a quick peek and see if there's any sentries and where the enemy players are located.
If there's is 2 or more sentries it will be very difficult to take them out. Stay out of range of the sentries and concentrate your fire on the players. You can also wait for a normal uber to go in before you do.
The kk is most effective when you and your medic have a height advantage. I.e when attacking point 4 or defending point 3.

When attacking point 4 you should be very aware when entering the tunnel. If they have sentries and a lot of demos spamming the tunnel just don't go there. This will almost certainly kill your medic and maybe yourself as well.
Stay behind the concrete block is preferred but in front, just outside the tunnel is also a good place to fire your rockets.

If there's no really good targets you can take out the snipers (yes, I mean Asmo, Jackknife Johnny and if you are lucky DazMan) as a revenge for throwing piss at you earlier.
If you have killed the snipers and there is still no targets, just fire your rockets as close to the concrete block on point 4 as you can. Just slightly to the left on the floor. That will maybe get you some kills on players thinking they are safe just because they are out of sight. Also the right side of the tunnel exit on point 4 is a good place to aim your rockets. many players stand just around the corner there and will take some damage from a crocket.

Non stationary targets.
This is just doing what you was born to do! Killing!
But if it's done right it's a god damn turkey shoot. Try to aim between players and get as many as you can in one shot. Direct hits kills that player but will not kill any players around him. A crit rocket deals 270dmg if I'm not totally mistaken so a buffed heavy will need 2 rockets.
You can fire 6 rockets before the ubers runs out (yes I said 6 not 4), or 4 rockets and a couple of shots with your shotgun. You must decide what best at the time. Some times it's better to wait and reload, but this will give the enemy a chance to fire back at you.

To bring down a sentry gun.
Never shoot directly on the sentry. That is a waste of crockets!
Try to kill the engie. Aim behind on the wall if he is sitting into the wall, or to the side on the floor. When the engie is dead you can fire directly on the sg.
Also don't expose yourself to the sg to long at a time. Fire a rocket and get around a corner and repeat.

Additional tips
Always stop and reload before a uber!
Let the medic buff you up to 300hp before the charge!

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